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Our Courses

  • 10th DVD
    Science Chapters:
    left arrow Acids, Bases and Salts
    left arrow Chemical Reactions and Equations
    left arrow Metals and Non-metals
    left arrow Carbon and its Compounds
    left arrow Periodic Classification of Elements
    left arrow Life Processes
    left arrow Control and Coordination
    left arrow How do Organisms Reproduce?
    left arrow Heredity and Evolution
    left arrow Light – Reflection and Refraction
    left arrow Human Eye and Colourful World
    left arrow Electricity
    left arrow Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
    left arrow Sources of Energy
    left arrow Our Environment
    left arrow Management of Natural Resources
    Maths Chapters:
    left arrow Area Related To Circle
    left arrow Arithmetic Progression
    left arrow Circles
    left arrow Coordiante Geometry
    left arrow Pair of Linear Equation in Two Variables
    left arrow Polynomials
    left arrow Quadratic Equations
    left arrow Real Numbers
    left arrow Some Applications of Trignometry
    left arrow Statistics
    left arrow Surface Area And Volumes
    left arrow Triangles
  • Plus 1 DVD
    Physics Chapters
    left arrow Physical World
    left arrow Units and Measurements
    left arrow Motion in a Straight Line
    left arrow Motion in a Plane
    left arrow Laws of Motion
    left arrow Work, Energy and Power
    left arrow System Of Particles and Rotational Motion
    left arrow Gravitation
    left arrow Mechanical Properties Of Solids
    left arrow Mechanical Properties of Fluids
    left arrow Thermal Properties of Matter
    left arrow Thermodynamics
    left arrow Kinetic Theory
    left arrow Oscillations
    left arrow Waves
    Chemistry Chapters
    left arrow Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry
    left arrow Structure of Atom
    left arrow Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties
    left arrow Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
    left arrow States of Matter
    left arrow Thermodynamics
    left arrow Equilibrium
    left arrow Redox Reactions
    left arrow Hydrogen
    left arrow The s-Block Elements
    left arrow The p-Block Elements
    left arrow Organic Chemistry – Some Basic Principles and Techniques
    left arrow Hydrocarbons
    left arrow Environmental chemistry
    Biology Chapters
    left arrow Location and Movement
    left arrow Neural Control and Coordination
    left arrow Morphology of Flowering Plants
    left arrow Mineral Nutrition
    left arrow Structural Organisation in Animals
    left arrow Photosynthesis in Higher Plants
    left arrow Plant Kingdom
    left arrow Plant Growth and Development
    left arrow Respiration in Plants
    left arrow The living World
    left arrow Chemical Coordination and Integration
    left arrow Cell the unit of life
    left arrow Cell cycle and Cell division
    left arrow Body Fluids and Circulation
    left arrow Biological Classification
    left arrow Biomolecules
    left arrow Breathing and Exchange of Gases
    left arrow Anatomy of Flowering Plants
    left arrow Animal Kingdom
    left arrow Digestion and Absorption
    left arrow Excretory Products and Their Elimination
    Maths Chapters
    left arrow Statistics
    left arrow Mathematical Reasoning
    left arrow Biomial Theorem
    left arrow Introduction to three dimensional geometry
    left arrow Conic Sections
    left arrow Complex Number and Quadratic Equation
    left arrow Linear Inequalities
    left arrow Limits and Derivatives
    left arrow Permutations and Combinations
  • Plus 2 DVD
    Physics Chapters
    left arrow Current Electricity
    left arrow Electric Charges and Fields
    left arrow Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance
    left arrow Moving charges and Magnetism
    left arrow Magnetism And Matter
    left arrow Electromagnetic Induction
    left arrow Alternating Current
    left arrow Ray Optics And Optical Instruments
    left arrow Nuclei
    left arrow Wave Optics
    left arrow Atoms
    left arrow Dual Natrure Of Radiations And Matters
    left arrow Semiconductors Electronics Matrials Devices
    left arrow Communciation Systems
    Chemistry Chapters
    left arrow The solid state
    left arrow The p block elements
    left arrow The d and f block elements
    left arrow Alcohol phenols and ethers
    left arrow Aldehydes ketones and carboxylic acids
    left arrow Amines
    left arrow Biomolecules
    left arrow Chemical kinetics
    left arrow Chemistry in everyday life
    left arrow Coordination compounds
    left arrow Electrochemistry
    left arrow General principles and processes of isolations
    left arrow Haloalkenes And Haloarenes
    left arrow Polymers
    left arrow Solutions
    left arrow Suface chemistry
    Biology Chapters
    left arrow Human Health and Disease
    left arrow Human Reproduction
    left arrow Oraganisms And Populations
    left arrow Molecular Basis of Inheritance
    left arrow Microbes in Human Welfare
    left arrow Sexual Reproduction
    left arrow Strategies for enhancement in food production
    left arrow Principles of Inheritance and Variations
    left arrow Reproduction in Organisms
    left arrow Reproductive Health
    left arrow Environmental Issues
    left arrow Ecosystem
    left arrow Biotechnology And Application
    left arrow Biodiversity and Conservation
    left arrow Evolution
    Maths Chapters
    left arrow Matrices
    left arrow Application of Integers
    left arrow Application of Derivatives
    left arrow Integrals
    left arrow Inverse of Trignometric Functions
    left arrow Continuity and Differentiability
    left arrow Determinants
    left arrow Differntial Equations
    left arrow Linear Programming
    left arrow Probability
    left arrow Relations and Functions
    left arrow Three Dimensioanl Geometry
    left arrow Vector Algebra